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Postcards For Ants, Lorraine Loots


I can set myself on fire and be noticed.

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Harry took his remaining hand off his broom and made a wild snatch; he felt his fingers close on the cold Snitch but was now only gripping the broom with his legs, and there was a yell from the crowd below as he headed straight for the ground, trying hard not to pass out.

With a splattering thud he hit the mud and rolled off his broom. His arm was hanging at a very strange angle; riddled with pain, he heard, as though from a distance, a good deal of whistling and shouting. He focused on the Snitch clutched in his good hand.

"Aha," he said vaguely. "We’ve won."

And he fainted.

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cardiacs requested Stiles and Lydia#99


HP + Scenery

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WELCOME to leonie’s and my super coolio one week tumblr awards B)

  • mbf the derp & the dork
  • reblog this until 25th of september (likes don’t count as an entry)
  • winner and runner ups will be announced as soon as possible
  • the number of runner ups can vary depending on the notes and blogs that enter
  • must reach 50 notes
  • best url
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  • best [fandom XY] posts *
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  • best overall
  • inga’s favourite
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* fandoms are bbc sherlock, doctor who, harry potter, supernatural and marvel. others may be added if enough blogs with posts from that fandom enter!


winners get a follow back from both of us, 4 promos upon request for a month (also maybe one or two random promos when we feel like it) and of course a place in both of our update tabs!

runner ups get a follow back too, 2 promos upon request for a month and also a spot on our update tabs!

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Emma Watson attends an event at Parliament in Montevideo, Uruguay

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Divergent + Shades of Pink

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The Symbola Mockingjay fanmix

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